School Supplies

School Supplies List

What does your child need for school supplies?

Students  will be responsible for purchasing their personal school supplies for the school year.  Please make sure you label your supplies with your child’s full name before bringing them to school. Students should bring their supplies with them on the first full day of school.

FSL - French Second Language - Supply List

Grade 5 - 1 - 9 x 7" Lined Notebook

Grade 6 - 1 - 9" x 7" Lined Notebook

Grade 7 Option - 1 - Light Blue Duotang, 1 - 9" x 7" Lined Notebook

Grade 8 Option - 1 - Dark Blue Duotang, 1 - 9" x 7" Lined Notebook

School Supplies List

Please note that some homerooms will request their students to bring in specific items. Your child will be notified of these specifics once school starts.

Footwear - Students are asked to remove outdoor shoes when entering the school and use a clean pair for inside.

Agendas will be provided to all students in Grade 1 - 7.

Gym strip - Grade 5 - 8 students are required to change into appropriate active wear for Phys Ed. All participants must wear running shoes with non-marking soles in the gym. Any student is welcome to purchase a Gym Strip and/or other Heloise Lorimer School apparel online. Please click here to visit the Knights Spirit Wear store.


IMPORTANT DELIVERY INFORMATION:  Please note the expected delivery date when placing your order.

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