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Knights Spirit Wear

This year we have switched service providers and are happy to be supporting another Alberta based company, Sportfactor. To date, Sportfactor has supplied all of our P.E. equipment and have done an absolutely fantastic job, so we look forward to continuing our work with them.

  • All purchases are done through Sportfactor. If you have questions please contact Sportfactor directly (their contact details are at the bottom of the store page) unless you are having difficulty finding the store, then feel free to contact the school (office or Mr. Pratt).
  • The store will be open in "waves" and will not remain open all year. Each time the store is opened an email will be sent home to let parents know. Currently the store is scheduled to be open for startup, prior to Christmas, and once or twice again in the new year.
  • This year some items offer a "customization" feature, allowing students to add their names to some items for an additional cost. Also please remember that most items have different colour options if you click on the image. Images do not have different logo options.
  • Get your gym strip here and be sure to check out new additions including hats and toques.

    We hope you see the value in this store and thank you for your support in helping us promote our school brand and building a positive school culture.

    Go Knights!


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    General Information


    In PE this year, all students will be participating in a various games, activities, and sports that will help them acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to actively participate in and enjoy various physical activities. Student participation and cooperation in class make up the foundation of our PE program at Heloise Lorimer. In an attempt to foster a desire to enhance their own physical literacy, a large emphasis will also be placed on providing students with opportunities to learn fundamental movement skills necessary for participating in a wide variety of physical activities as well as to learn and experience the many benefits of leading an active life.


    To help prepare students for an active future, as well as for hygiene and safety reasons, students in grade 5 to 8 must change for PE class. All students must wear appropriate clothing for physical activity, including footwear (shorts/sweats/track pants without pockets of belt loops, t-shirt/athletic shirt, and non-marking, closed-toed runners). We strongly encourage our students to wear Knights Spirit Wear in order to help us build a positive and meaningful school culture. If students come unprepared, unfortunately they may be unable to participate in class activities.


    Given our growing student population and our desire to promote daily physical activity and a connection with nature, please note that all students will be doing PE class outside at least once per week this year. Students need to come prepared for the weather and will be expected to go outside for class unless otherwise indicated. With our crazy Alberta weather, it is recommended that students leave a spare jacket, long pants, mittens, toque, and gym strip in their lockers if possible. We will also be making a push to minimize indoor recesses this year, so this extra gear will come in handy!


    To keep up to date on student accomplishments, Knights Athletics, and to learn more about physical literacy, fundamental movement skills, and developmental stages and milestones related to physical education, please click the icons provided on this page.


    We cannot wait for another fantastic year jam-packed with awesome activities, epic experiences, and critical connections! Please get in touch if you have any questions, concerns, or positive stories to share!


    All the best,


    Adam Pratt

    Lead PE Teacher and Athletic Director

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