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Our very first School Annual Results Report (SARR) has been written and submitted. It will be available online very soon but if you would like to look at it sooner just email the office and they can send you a digital copy. More about our SARR:

The 2016-2017 school year was our opening year at Heloise Lorimer School, which makes this data our baseline. The data used in this report was collected in the winter and spring of 2017, which was a reflection of our first six to nine months of operations. This data is extremely important to set a baseline and to help us identify the areas where our stakeholders are most and least satisfied as well as a snap shot of how our grade 6 students are achieving compared to their provincial counterparts.

Gathering a variety of data relevant to district and school goals is imperative for continued school improvement. This data-driven decision-making is about gathering data to understand if a school or district is meeting its purpose and vision. If we do not have clear targets when making decisions it can lead to random and less effective approaches to improvement. Instead, by using this information from the data we gather we can be more intentional and focused with our approaches for improvement.The data that we have gathered and analyzed for this report is from three sources, the Rocky View Schools Satisfaction Survey K-7 parents, all staff and students grade 4 to 7 (March 2017), the Alberta Education Survey (Grade 4 and Grade 7 students and parents, and all teachers and administrators (Feb 2017)) and Provincial Achievement Tests (Grade 6 students in May and June of 2017). This information is shared with our learning community at staff meetings, school council meetings, in our newsletter and on our website.

Through this process of analyzing the data we have discovered are as of strength and areas of need.The areas of strength being overall satisfaction from all stakeholders with the school’s culture and climate as well as the quality of education students are receiving. Our students are the most satisfied group as their responses were more positive than the average in the province and in other Rocky View Schools. Being that we are student centered with all of our decisions at the school, these results from our students are fantastic and affirming our commitment to them.

Some of the areas of need are with overall achievement and achievement of excellence in Math,English Language Arts (reading), Social Studies and Science. We are addressing these areas through our universal school focus on literacy learning (focused on reading) and moving into the addition of a more focused approach to numeracy learning. Although our results are positive in all areas related to school climate and quality of education we are still going to be focusing on creating the safest and most caring school we can. Through teaching and living our seven virtues, our collaborative proactive process when dealing with problems, and our support with social thinking skills we are confident we will keep improving in this area. The other area we will continue to focus on is communicating with our community in the most effective ways possible to make sure everyone is aware of what is going on at the school and also aware of opportunities to get involved and have input into decisions made at the school.

The information we were able to obtain from the analysis of this data and writing this report will be reflected in our school education plan that will be shared late spring of 2018. Thank you to all the parents, staff and students who completed the satisfaction surveys and the provincial achievement tests. Your participation and input is important to help us on our journey of continuous improvement.




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