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My name is Chantelle Bergeron and I am excited to be part of the grade 3 teaching team at Heloise Lorimer School. I have been living in Alberta since 2012 but am originally from the Yukon Territory (and my father is a gold miner)! I am thrilled to welcome the students for a wonderful year of learning. I look forward to supporting students in being successful learners who take ownership and pride in their learning.

Extra Practice

Here are some websites that your child may use for some extra practice. Please check your child's agenda for their login information.

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Learning Goals

This is a long range plan of the grade 3 curricular outcomes as they will be taught throughout the year. Please refer to this if you are looking for a glimpse into your child's learning!

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Important Information

Important information:

Arrival: Students will enter the school in the doors at the end of the portables by the playground. Doors will open at 8:45 for Group 1 (last name letters A-L), and 8:55 for Group 2 (last names M-Z). Attendance will be taken at 9:00am. If student is late, please go through the front doors and sign-in at the office before coming to the classroom.

After School Dismissal: Group 1 will be dismissed at 3:15 and Group 2 will be dismissed at 3:25. Students will leave the school through the doors at the end of the portables by the playground.

Daily Screening: Before coming to school each day, parents MUST assess their child’s health for symptoms of common cold, influenza, COVID-19 or other infectious respiratory diseases by completing a Daily Health Check.


Absences: If your child is going to be away for the day, please let the office know at 403-945-4135, or you can email me. If you are picking up your child early, they will be called down to the office and signed out there.

Snack and Lunch: Every morning there will be snack time in the classroom. At lunch, students will eat in the classroom seated at their assigned desks. They will be asked to wipe down their desk before and after eating. Students will be required to wash and sanitize their hands before and after eating. Students cannot share food or utensils.


Allergies: Our school is a nut aware school. Please do not send nut products to school as there are students with severe nut/peanut allergies. It is important all students know they cannot share food.

Recess: Everyday, students will have outside recess scheduled with their grade; however, cohorts (your child’s cohort is their class) will remain distanced from one another and not be playing together. There will be an alternating playground schedule to ensure weekly playground access.

Birthdays/Celebrations: We are not able to share snacks for celebrations at this time.

Water Bottles: Students are welcome to bring plastic/metal water bottles to school to have on their desks as long as the top of the water bottle is not an open hole and instead a sport pop-top to avoid spilling. Students can fill their water bottles up at school, however drinking fountains are not open.

Supplies: The school provides students with supplies. We are always accepting donations of kleenex, disinfectant wipes, and zip-loc bags. Just a reminder that all items that come from home – backpack and contents, water bottles, and lunch kits – with the exception of running shoes (required for Phys. Ed), will go home at the end of each school day.


Shoes: Students are required to have a pair of indoor running shoes for gym.

Physical Education: Everyday students have PE, please make sure they have appropriate footwear and clothing at school so they can participate in all activities outside or in gym.

Spelling: Every Monday, students will participate in a phonics/spelling lesson, and then complete a pre-quiz of 8 words. These words are used to determine the list of words the students will receive to study and use in word work throughout the week to practice spelling and reading patterns. Students will be quizzed on their word list the Friday of that week.

Library Book Exchange: Students can reserve books online by going to the Heloise Lorimer website>Learning Commons

Volunteers: At this time we are unable to have volunteers in the school.

Agenda/Home Communication: Students write in their agendas each day and should bring it home every night. Please sign the agenda and your student should bring it back the next day. The agenda can be used for a communication tool between home and school. If you to send me a note, please tell your student to show me in the morning. You can also email me or call me at the school. Typically, I communicate home through agenda messages and emails. You can also check my teacher page on the Heloise Lorimer website or refer to the school website for additional information about our school.

Contact: If you have any concerns, questions, or need to contact me, please never hesitate to contact me by email, agenda message, or phoning the school.

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September Overview

Language Arts:

- Reading Stamina

- Goal Setting

- Writing Stamina

- Sentence Structure; building a sentence and parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives)

- Generating Ideas

- Writing Projects; Awesome is Everywhere and Terry Fox


- Numbers to 1000: representing numbers in many ways, standard, expanded and word form, place value, and number webs

- Addition Facts; strategies review and mental math

- Problem-Solving


Rocks and Minerals Unit

Social Studies:

- Identity/Who am I/Me on the Map

- Mapping Unit


- Safety Procedures, Protocols, and Personal Space

- Wellness Check-Ins

- Goal-Setting

- Choices; Problem-Solving and Learning Strategies

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