Classroom Links

Virtual field trips:

1) A list Compiled by Mrs. Fahrney, a teacher:

2) Canadian virtual field trips:



1) Day by day activities from Scholastic:

2) *Students master their phonics and teach their monster to read:

3) *Students have access to levelled books. They can read independently, and/or listen to the stories:

Mrs. Mbuge’s class code: bmbuge0

Mrs. Christie’s class code: rchristie6

Mrs. Almerol’s class code: aalmerol0


1) *A fantasyland of mathematical battles:

2) Engaging games to practice number sense and fluency. Can race the clock, or not!

3) Excellent teaching videos. Parent sign up required.

4) *Learn to Code!

Mrs.Mbuge's class code:

Mrs. Christie’s Kodable code: vxgst5x

Mrs. Almerol’s class code: aalmerol0



1) Beautiful photography and great information:

2) Mystery Doug! A favourite of our students!  Doug answers kids' questions from around the world, in a short video format:


1) Link is for a free resource of 500 activities!

2) Learn to draw using numbers and letters:



1) A music site with lots of games to practice rhythm, beat, instrument identification, and learn new songs! Website is free to students with: username: snow password: 2020

2) Enjoy live broadcasts of the Seattle Symphony:


*= requires student login (username and password specific to site)

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