Knights Spirit Wear Online Store

Our Knights spirit wear online store will be open from Feb 1-15 2020. This store allows students and their family to purchase Knights clothing to show off their school spirit!


  1. Links to our online store can be found on our school website homepage ( and on the P.E. page to make access super easy.
  2. All purchases on the store are done through our supplier, Sportfactor. If you have questions regarding the clothing, please contact Sportfactor directly (their contact details are at the bottom of the store page). If you are having trouble finding the store, feel free to contact the school (office or Mr. Pratt).
  3. The store will be open in October and February for select dates, not all year. Each time the store is opened an email will be sent home to let parents know. The store will be open in October for those of you wishing to get your clothing prior to the holidays! Sportfactor has assured us these orders will be delivered prior to the break. Currently the store is scheduled to reopen again in February, 2020.
  4. This year some items offer a "customization" feature, allowing students to add their names to some items for an additional cost. Also please remember that most items have different colour options if you click on the image. Images do not have different logo options.
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