Adam Pratt

Dear students, parents, guardians, and family,

Welcome to another year of physical education! This year, as in years past, I will be co-teaching all students in Grades 1 through 5 during their physical education classes. I am looking forward to seeing all those familiar faces again and helping welcome in any "new" (to me) faces!

This year I will also be co-leading our weekly Friday seminars with Mrs. Tait. During these seminars we will be connecting to our school's 7 key virtues (Courage, Generosity, Integrity, Compassion, Faith/Persistence, Hope, and Justice) and working with students in grades 1 through 5 to help them further develop their social-emotional skills. We hope this exciting new opportunity will give our students the chance to connect with others in our school community and continue to refine and develop their skills associated with mental and social health. Sessions topics will include self-regulation strategies, relationship building tips, ways to promote positive thinking, and more! In addition to these social-emotional topics, we will be using these Fridays to celebrate key events in the year (Ex. the Terry Fox Run) and facilitate our Grade 5/Mrs. Mbuge led monthly celebrations.

As has always been the case, I will be working hard with students to help them develop a love of all things active and to ensure they feel safe, respected, and cared for in our building. While accomplishing that goal, I aim to help students develop the confidence and competence needed to be successful in life. Whether it's learning effective ways to communicate in a group, the benefits and importance of physical activity, learning a fundamental skill that allows the pursuit of a new experience, important health and safety concepts, or setting goals, I hope your child will benefit from being a part of our physical education program and Friday seminars.

In an effort to help accomplish this goal, I have updated (and will continue to update) the physical education page with more resources and links (to access this page, click on the image above or on "Physical Education" on the left sidebar).

In addition to these resources, I am a YouTube creator (P.E. Pratt), am active on most social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), and often contribute to the school's Facebook page. I use these platforms to help share ideas and at-home resources to continue the work we are doing at school. It is my hope that with these resources, activities, and ideas, your children and families will continue to strive to better their overall health and wellness in all areas, and hopefully have some fun in the process!

Please feel free to contact me via email with any questions, concerns, ideas, or other things you wish to share. I love what I do each and every day and am grateful to get the chance to meet and try to positively impact the lives so many amazing people!

All the best,

Mr. Adam Pratt

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